Universally Festive

When Universal Resort Orlando added the world of Harry Potter to their parks, they turned into reality what was once only in the imaginations of millions of readers. Everyone has a favorite part of the Harry Potter books or movies; you know, that one part that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside……

Just me? OK then, moving on.

I’ve always loved the Christmas scenes in the books and movies; it took a magical world and amped it up x100! And Universal’s parks take a page (pun intended) out of the Harry Potter books by giving both Hogsmeade and Diagon Ally a glorious Christmas overlay!

Disney certainly isn’t the only theme park that goes all out for the holidays! When you’re strolling through the Potter parts of the parks, seeing all the lights and decorations (even Hogwarts gets a little extra magic) you can easily forget that it’s just pretend. Add a hot Butterbeer or any of the other festive food and drinks Universal offers during this season, and you’ll be so immersed that you’ll be looking over your shoulder for Voldemort in a Santa hat!

But don’t for a second think that Universal Studios forgot the non-Potter parts of their parks! There are plenty of beautiful decorations, overlays, and delicious food and drinks (even holiday cocktails) to be had throughout!

Islands of Adventure hosts Grinchmas over in Seuss Landing, and a major highlight in the Studios park, is Universal’s Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s, a must see for sure!

So no matter what you’ve got planned this holiday season, be sure to make Universal Resort Orlando part of your families celebrations!

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