Ever dream of having your very lightsaber? At Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios you can make your very own hand-built lightsaber! This goes above and beyond any toy you may have had in the past; with customization options galore, this truly is a one of a kind experience.  

This was such a fascinating and immersive experience that if you’re even mildly a fan of Star Wars, you will love this! I had the opportunity to be a guest while my brother and nephew made their lightsabers (one guest is allowed per paying participant).

Right from the start you have some important choices to make. You’ve got 4 types of  lightsaber to choose from, each representing different personas for lack of a better phrase. Within each type there are multiple customization options so you can really make it yours. Of course, you also get the choice of color for the “blade” itself. All of these choices are made before the experience begins. 

There is plenty of information about pricing and such online, so what I really want to focus on is the experience it’s self. Right from the start, the themeing is strong and the story line is present as the cast member who welcomes you refers to what you are about to make as a “worthless piece of space junk.

Now understand, I’m not going to give away all the details of the experience here, because there are some pretty cool things that happen during the process that I don’t want to spoil for you. So what follows is a general idea of what will happen.

Upon entering the chamber where your lightsaber is made, you are greeted by a group of people who will guide you through the process. The main guide has a pretty cool intro that really immerses you in the process. Being there with 10 or so other people, mostly strangers, actually adds to the excitement. 

You then get to put together your lightsaber piece by piece, with plenty of options to customize along the way. There is something special about constructing a lightsaber in this manner, along with others who, perhaps like you, have waited years, even decades for this very moment. So whether you’ve been a fan for a few years, or since the first time you saw Obi-Wan hand Luke his fathers lightsaber, this experience is for you!  So do yourself a favor and make this a part of your next trip!