Disney’s Hollywood Studios brand new ride, Rise of the Resistance (ROTR), has been a huge fan favorite since it opened. However, getting on the ride is a unique experience that take a little foreknowledge. So if you’re heading to Galaxy’s Edge anytime soon, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to get on ROTR!

You’ve heard the phrase, “You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to fool me”. Well ROTR takes that phrase to a whole new level, and they’re not fooling! 

The only way to ride this attraction is by joining a boarding group within the My Disney Experience app, no FastPasses or standby lines.​ The boarding groups act as a virtual queue, which means you can enjoy other attraction while you wait. Joining a boarding group must be reserved in the first few moments of the park’s opening because boarding groups completely run out in a matter of minutes. It is highly recommended that if a guest desires to ride this attraction, they must arrive 60-90 minutes before park opening. Guests must be scanned into the entrance of Hollywood Studios in order to join a boarding group. The entire party, who wants to ride this attraction, must also be scanned into the park as well. Once guests have joined a boarding group, a push notification will be sent later in the day when the guest’s boarding group can ride within a one or two-hour window. You may exit Hollywood Studios while you wait on your boarding group to be called. Its important to clarify a boarding group is required only to ride Rise of the Resistance. Any guest can enter Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at anytime without a boarding group.

That’s the long and short of it. But we’ve got some extra tips for you!

  • About 5 mins before the park opens, make sure to log out and log back in to the My Disney Experience app
  • About 1 min prior to park opening refresh the app, and be prepared to hit the get boarding pass now button on the home page of the app
  • Don’t use wifi! Turn off wifi and use your phone data since everyone will be on Disney’s wifi and it can get slow and every moment counts with this!
Check out some great pics below of what the inside of the ride is like, and of course if you’re planning a trip to Disney, contact us today!