What’s in My Bag?

By: Alexandra Baker 

Essentials For a Successful Day at The Theme Parks

Thinking about all the stuff you need to bring with you for a day at the theme parks can be really stressful, whether it be just for yourself or for the whole family. That’s why I compiled a master list of all the thingamabobs one would need to get through the day!

  1. The Bag: Having the right bag to fit your needs is the very first step! If you are packing a bag for yourself, I suggest a small-to-medium sized cross body bag for you ladies, or a small backpack works well for everyone, including teens and tweens. But if you are needing to pack a bag, or two, for the whole family including little ones I suggest packing a separate diaper bag. (All of those necessities, including a change of clothes, should fit in your stroller.) And then a backpack with a lot of compartments to carry other must-need items.

  1. Reusable Water Bottle: A reusable water bottle is one of the most important items to bring along on a day at the theme parks. A bottle that can keep your liquids cold in those hot temperatures is even better! Plus you can save some $ by filling up your bottle at water fountains and/or quick service spots throughout your day. Don’t forget to fill up before you head out for the day!

  1. Personal Fan: Trust me, you’ll be their biggest fan by the end of the day! Whether it be a small pocket fan, a hand fan, or one of those fans that mists you with water in the face you will be glad you had one. Having that little bit of relief while standing outside waiting for a ride or watching a show will make all the difference in your own enjoyment. There’s no doubt it’s gonna get hot, and you will be the envy of everyone else that’s suffering through.

  1. Cool Towel: A cool towel is a savior on a hot, humid day. Especially when all you have to do is wet it, wring it out, and you can get instant relief! Plus it can be packed flat, and doesn’t take up too much real estate in your bag. A gallon ziploc bag is the perfect way to store them after they have been used that day.

  1. Rain Poncho: Chances are that it might rain at least a little while you’re trying to have a fun day at the parks. But having a rain poncho allows you to go about enjoying your day even while the sky is pouring down on you. Ponchos are also easy to pack in your bag! Buying them before you get to the parks will save you a lot of money and headache, because I’ve unfortunately made that mistake before.

  1. Portable Charging Stick: A portable charging stick is an absolute must, especially when you will be spending long days at the theme parks. No one wants to go searching for an outlet to plug their phone in or have a dead battery when it comes time to take pictures and make memories. A portable charging stick lets you recharge your devices’ battery without interrupting your plans. But don’t forget a charging cable!

  1. Sunscreen: It is important to layer on the sunscreen before heading into the parks, but that sunscreen will wear off while you’re still walking around the park. If you’re worried about space in your bag, a smaller sized travel sunscreen is better than nothing, and will allow you sun protection when you need it most. A lip balm with SPF is crucial as well. No one wants to spend their vacation being sunburnt.

  1. Sunglasses and Hat: A pair of sunnies and a hat will be your favorite accessories while making your way through the parks. They are a much-needed added layer of protection between you and the hot sun. And you will be very glad you didn’t forget them! A sunglasses case is a good idea to store your glasses in your bag when the sun goes down. I also like to keep a small cloth to clean my lenses in my case as well. A hat can also come in handy if it starts to rain.

  1. Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wipes: If you have children, then you know just how easily things can turn messy. Keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a package of wipes are the quick and easy solution to most messes. And a great way to stay germ-free!

  1. Wallet: Forgetting your wallet can be one of the most annoying ways to start your day. I like taking a smaller wallet into the theme parks with me. This cuts down on unneeded space in your bag while also having a secure spot for your important items like a credit card, cash, and your ID.

  1. Snacks: I love theme park food just as much as the next person, okay maybe more, but sometimes it’s just easier to grab some goldfish or a granola bar out of my bag while waiting in line for a ride when hunger hits me. A few crowd-pleasing easy-to-pack snacks will save you money and meltdowns.

Candy that doesn’t melt easily is also great to keep in your bag. Don’t forget chewing gum! Because some theme parks, like Disney, don’t sell gum on property.

  1. Miscellaneous Smaller Items: Hair ties, feminine products, pain reliever, antacid, moleskin, and ziploc bags (to protect your phone on water rides). Yes, you can easily get some of these items from the first aid location of a theme park, but it is way more convenient if it is already in your bag.

The last, but most important item to pack for a successful day at the theme parks is a good attitude! Theme parks can get crowded and hot, but if you follow this list you’ll be prepared to face all the minor inconveniences that come your way. Don’t forget that you’re on vacation: relax, enjoy yourself, and make some memories to last a lifetime!