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Rise of the Resistance

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Today marks the exciting opening of the newest ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studio, Rise of the Resistance! This hotly anticipated addition to (the mostly finished) Galaxy’s Edge section of the park, had both Disney and Star Wars fans clamoring to experience what was dubbed by Disney as a “thrilling, first-of-its-kind adventure.”

As per usual the crowds were huge to ride this attraction on it’s opening day, so Disney utilized their new “Boarding Group” system which allows guests to avoid the long wait times, enjoy the rest of the park, and get assigned a specific time to come back and enjoy the attraction. According the My Disney Experience app, the boarding group is the only way to take part in Rise of The Resistance. Who knows if this will change in the future, but for now, you have to join a boarding group.

Disney. New Ride. Star Wars. Need we say more? The park opened 8:00 am today and, according to our sources, by 9:30 am all the boarding groups were full! So the recommendation of us here at Fabulous Adventures Travel is to make sure that the moment you arrive at Hollywood Studios you get on the My Disney Experience app or visit a Guest Experience kiosk and join a group!

Some people have said, and this is unsubstantiated, that they were able to join the virtual queue from their resort rooms on property, but don’t quote us on that. Worth a try though!

Click HERE for more info about the boarding group experience.